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ghg | greyhealth group

Report by Lynn Vos
Chief executive officer


n 2015, ghg had its best year ever, achieving significant top-line and double-digit profit growth, fueled by breakthrough, multichannel agency launch campaigns, innovative medical education and healthcare-access programs. ghg significantly expanded its client base, launched several new products in oncology, rare diseases and diagnostics, and has engaged with exciting start-ups in the health IT sector.

It is a ‘never before’ moment in healthcare, where the trends are working in favor of positive change: a shift from products to outcomes, the growing personalization of health content, technology-enabled care, and a national will to stomp out chronic disease. Demonstrating its spirit of innovation and role as a change agent, ghg became IBM Watson’s first health-agency partner, making it possible to bring cognitive computing to healthcare brands. ghg acquired The Lathe, a mobile-first agency pioneering m-health programs that connect patients, caregivers and professionals. In addition, ghg expanded its new point-of-care offerings, investing in OptimizeRx Corporation, a software company whose content-delivery platform enables pharmaceutical companies to provide on-demand patient-care services, and PARx Solutions, which specializes in expediting the prior-authorization process.

With the growing use of digital and cognitive technology, healthcare industry marketers have a golden opportunity to deliver behavioral insight-based messaging and tools to drive better health outcomes. ghg’s thought leadership and original research in these areas led to the coining of the phrase ‘Chief Health Officer,’ or CHO, the individual (usually female) who makes healthcare decisions for herself and her family, as well as the creation of the seminal white paper, The Gulf Between Them: The New Customer and Her Healthcare Partners. ghg believes that Communication is the Cure™ to improving health and wellness, and the CHO will be an effective, even revolutionary, healthcare advocate.

Demonstrating its spirit of innovation and role as a change agent, ghg became IBM Watson’s first health-agency partner

ghg’s philanthropic work with the Jed Foundation continues to be highly rewarding, as major progress is underway to address the emotional health challenges of young adults on campuses nationwide.