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Report by Brian Lesser, chief executive officer

Photo of Brian Lesser, Chief executive officer, Xaxis

Brian Lesser, chief executive officer

Programmatic is the most significant evolution in the media business since the advent of the media agency. Programmatic is the future.

The magazines on my desk agree. Adweek calls it “a hot concept, and it’s catching on.” Forbes emphasizes IDC’s report calling it the “fastest-growing segment of digital advertising over the next few years.” eMarketer predicts that programmatic display advertising will be a $33 billion market by 2017.

The good news is Xaxis has programmatic media in its DNA.

This explains why, when I think about 2014, one word comes to mind: growth. Xaxis is only four years old. Yet last year alone we’ve accomplished what I like to call the “grand slam of growth.”

More sales. More locations. More clients. More employees.

Now we’re 1,000 people in 40 markets. Plus, we drafted three new players: 24/7 Media, one of the pioneers of Ad Tech; Bannerconnect, the leading trade desk in Europe; and AppNexus, the industry’s largest independent ad technology company. This has energized the Xaxis brand with increased scale. When you combine this scale with our just-launched, proprietary data tool Turbine – I’ll call this our ‘multi-purpose vehicle’ – then you see why our clients are thrilled and the numbers are going up and to the right.

In 2015, we’ll continue this growth – and approach $1 billion in sales.

Xaxis is only four years old. Yet last year alone we’ve accomplished what I like to call the “grand slam of growth”

We’ll get there, most importantly, by tapping into our purpose statement, ‘Making Advertising Welcome.’ So what does that mean? It’s all about relevance and the emotional relationship that exists between the viewer and the content, on every screen and in every format. That’s why I know we’ll be talking a lot about our video and mobile-first products this year.

Here’s what else we’ll need to get there: more successful audience-targeted advertising campaigns like we did last year, and a new, hard-hitting performance marketing brand launch that will take the industry by storm.