Reports from our company leaders

Report by Irwin Gotlieb, global chairman and Dominic Proctor, global president

Photo of Irwin Gotlieb, Global chairman, GroupM

Irwin Gotlieb, global chairman

Regular readers of this report will know that the primary role and achievement of GroupM has been to empower and support the success of our agencies in the highly competitive media market. Through deep collaboration, we have consolidated the activities which benefit from scale,

Our impartiality enables us to see and deal with the whole media market and thus give our clients a real advantage

we have built technology and acquired the companies and talent who have helped us achieve our strategic goals and we have partnered with clients, media, and sister companies to deliver a real advantage.

Photo of Dominic Proctor, global president, GroupM

Dominic Proctor, global president

In 2014, our group had another successful year, as described in the following reports from the agencies. Collectively our 25,000 people deserve huge credit and admiration for continuing our success.

We have also taken the time to prepare new strategies and initiatives for 2015 and beyond. By investing in new unified technologies and data management systems, by developing new unified service platforms, by enhancing our specialist businesses and through the acquisition of other specialisms and talent, we expect that we will continue to grow strongly. And we will base this on aggressive anticipation of where we need to go, collaboration, ingenuity and leadership.

Our impartiality enables us to see and deal with the whole media market and thus give our clients a real advantage. With our agencies we have the intelligence to find and create valuable audiences wherever they are, and we have the power to reach and engage them most effectively and efficiently. We will build on this platform and extend the advantage beyond our clients to our people, the media and our other partners within WPP, like Kantar, with whom we are forging a closer alliance.

We are in an extremely competitive sector and we do not underestimate our challenges, but we look forward to our future with great confidence.