Reports from our company leaders

Report by Daniel Morel, non-executive chairman and Mark Read, chief executive officer

Photo of Daniel Morel, Non-executive chairman and Mark Read, Chief executive officer, Wunderman

Daniel Morel (left), non-executive chairman and Mark Read (right), chief executive officer

Wunderman demonstrates a key strength that forward-looking clients are increasingly seeking: the intelligent application of data and creativity. Today, over 100 Fortune 500 brands look to Wunderman to deliver personalized communications to consumers around the world. Our world-class data infrastructure is unrivaled in our industry and plays a central role in why clients choose Wunderman.

While 2014 had its challenges, Wunderman added several new clients, including Charter Communications, Saxo Bank, GSK, Virgin Media, BMW, Lenovo, Deutsche Bahn and Sony Europe, among others. Organic growth from United Airlines, P&G, Best Buy and Shell has also been encouraging.

Advertising Age once again ranked Wunderman among the top digital agency networks in the world. Thanks to Mel Edwards’ leadership, Wunderman’s London office continued its rise, receiving high marks from Campaign magazine, including 8 out of 9 on the School Report, Campaign Media Awards Gold, and Campaign Dream Team Top 10 Customer Engagement. Wunderman’s understanding of Land Rover’s needs also led to a Silver Agency-Marketer Partnership Award from Campaign Asia-Pacific.

Under Becky Chidester’s direction, Wunderman Health cracked the $80 million mark. Global brands like Pfizer and GSK sought out Wunderman Health for its customer-centric approach and digital capabilities. At the inaugural Lions Health awards at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, Wunderman Health picked up its first Gold Lion.

Today, over 100 Fortune 500 brands look to Wunderman to deliver personalized communications to consumers around the world

We continue our commitment to clients by expanding our digital capabilities and reach, adding Phantasia in Peru and taking a majority stake in the UK-based digital technology consultancy Cognifide. Wunderman also acquired UK-based FusePump, specialists in product data and content for digital marketing. Shortly thereafter, FusePump Labs was established for product development, testing ideas and creating new tools for our clients. Aqua, South Africa’s largest digital agency and part of Wunderman, acquired Applogix, a marketing and e-commerce technology agency in Johannesburg.

Alongside the Singapore Economic Development Board, Wunderman opened a data-training hub: the Center for Advanced Analytics. It’s charged with educating recent grads in how to manage and analyze consumer data – skills that are at the heart of Wunderman.

WPP Digital CEO Mark Read joined Wunderman’s team in June 2014. Mark, who has been closely connected to WPP’s digital transformation, is the perfect leader to continue Wunderman’s development and, indeed, take the company to new heights. On February 1, 2015, I officially handed the reins of leadership to Mark, and he became Wunderman’s CEO while I remain as non-executive chairman.

With strong leadership and a focus on innovation, Wunderman is poised for continued success.