The outlook for WPP

So, all in all, the growth climate is tough, but manageable. If advertising and marketing services retain their existing share of GDP globally – with under-advertised faster-growth markets still outpacing slow-growth mature markets – then spending should rise by 4.5% at nominal prices. The mini-quadrennial events – the Sochi Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and the US mid-term Congressional elections – have and will all help. However, clients remain cautious, with procurement and finance functions holding sway over marketing.

Strategically, we continue to focus on four priorities: new markets; new media; data investment management and quantitative disciplines; and horizontality.

New markets are already almost a third of our business; within the next five years we want them to be 40 to 45%.

Digital or new media is almost 35% of our business; we also want that to be 40 to 45% within five years.

Data investment management, what we used to call market research or consumer insight, is 23% of our business and that is roughly where it should stay. Collectively, quantitative disciplines – data and digital – account for 51% of our revenues.

And last but not least is horizontality: the imperative to leverage the knowledge and ability possessed by 175,000 people (including associates) in 110 countries across the world more effectively and efficiently for the benefit of our clients.

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