Got talent?

Our business, like many, relies on a constant influx of talented people. In a world that is becoming more and more affluent and educated, it might seem that such talent would be in copious supply. Not so, or certainly not so in the West.

As birth rates decline and family sizes shrink, the supply of good people can only tighten. It’s especially difficult for large companies, whose often complex hierarchies and siloed work practices are anathema to young people. Instead, they gravitate towards smaller, technologically focused, more networked, less bureaucratic companies. It is hard now; it will be harder in 20 years.

In common with many sectors, advertising and marketing must invest in new people, rather than just poaching. WPP intends to continue finding and nurturing young talent. In September 2013, we announced a new partnership with the global association for creative advertising and design, D&AD, with the aim of doing just that.

Led on our side by WPP’s worldwide creative director, John O’Keeffe, this partnership will provide a range of opportunities for students through D&AD’s New Blood Academy and paid apprenticeships with WPP companies.

Alongside other initiatives like our long-standing Fellowship program and the WPP School of Marketing and Communications in Shanghai, it’s one of the many ways in which we’ll discover and support the next generation of marketing services professionals.

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