Art of the state

Our industry’s relationship with politics is a crucial one. Government is here to stay as a regulator, investor and client. In fact, the idea of the state as client grows apace. Already, WPP companies work for the public sector in more than 60 countries; this can only increase as governments realise that policies are more likely to succeed with good communications. Human understanding and creativity should, after all, lie at the heart of successful policymaking.

That is why WPP has launched a global Government & Public Sector Practice to drive excellence in state communications. Of course, WPP companies have worked with governments for decades, but the new practice will give governments a single point of access to WPP’s combined resources, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams of agencies, academics and innovators to meet clients’ needs and offer our best thinking on public sector communications.

The practice will concentrate on communications for development; communications for public policy and services; public sector recruitment; country branding and tourism, trade and investment marketing; and digital government. In the 21st century, governments increasingly see the virtue of working in partnership with their citizens. The new practice, led by Dr Michelle Harrison, CEO of TNS BMRB, the UK’s leading social research agency, will be crucial to that process.

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