Who we are

WPP is the world leader in communications services. It comprises leading companies in all these disciplines:

  • Advertising
  • Media Investment Management
  • Data Investment Management
  • Public Relations & Public Affairs
  • Branding & Identity
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Direct, Digital, Promotion
    & Relationship Marketing
  • Specialist Communications

There are more than 155 companies within the Group – and each is a distinctive brand in its own right. Each has its own identity, commands its own loyalty, and is committed to its own specialist expertise. That is their individual strength. Clients seek their talent and their experience on a brand-by-brand basis. Between them, our companies work with 351 of the Fortune Global 500, all 30 of the Dow Jones 30, 69 of the NASDAQ 100 and 31 of the Fortune e-50.

It is also of increasing value to clients that WPP companies and their people can work together, as increasingly they do: providing a tailor-made range of integrated communications services. Almost 770 clients are now served in three distinct disciplines. Some 490 clients are served in four disciplines, and these clients account for 57.5% of Group revenues. Group companies also work with nearly 400 clients across six or more countries.

Collectively, almost 175,000 people (including associates) work for WPP companies, out of over 3,000 offices in 110 countries.

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