Sustainability matters

The Group’s commitment to, and investment in, sustainability initiatives supports major business wins. We estimate that clients who engaged with WPP on our approach to sustainability were worth £1.26 billion out of our total revenues of £11.02 billion to the Group in 2013.

We are in business for the long term and, like all leading companies today, we recognise our responsibilities to clients, our people and the world at large. Sustainability at WPP cuts across all areas of our business: from the work we do for clients, to the time we donate to causes through pro bono work, the way we run our Company and look after our people, and our commitment to respect human rights. Sustainability issues are ever more important to our clients, and our own track record gives us credibility as advisors on these topics.

Read a summary of the Group’s approach to sustainability, including our commitment to respect human rights. Please also see our annual Sustainability Report on the work our clients and our people do in this important area.

Sustainability performance summary

2013 2012 2011
Value of client business supported by our sustainability credentials 1 £1.26bn £0.77bn £0.63bn
Gender diversity (% female employees) 54% 54% 54%
Gender diversity (% female executive leaders) 32% 32% 31%
Investment in training and welfare £64.4m £57.8m £58.3m
Carbon footprint (tonnes of CO2 per person) 2.35 2.45 2.44
Social contribution 2 £39.4m £30.5m £27.7m

1 Value of clients who requested information on our sustainability policies and performance through their supplier management process.

2 Includes free media space donations.

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