Rupert Day

Report by Rupert Day

Chief executive officer

As the physical and digital worlds converge we believe that tenthavenue is in a very strong position to address this new challenge for brands. In this new era of ‘context’, it is no longer enough to match an audience with efficiently ‘bought’ media. It’s about understanding consumer behaviour and mindsets. It’s about brands meeting people in the middle by providing user-centric content to deliver utility through reward or entertainment. It is the reintegration of creative and media in a way which is centred around the user, regardless of environment and device.

Our ability to deliver this proposition in 2013 was based upon a mixture of our own resources and collaboration with others.

We continue to embed our services in both WPP companies and other agencies to deliver specialist services aligned to their overall strategies. We grew our direct client relationships with the likes of Unilever, Tesco, Intercontinental Hotels, Vodafone, International Airlines Group (BA and Iberia) and Air Canada.

Companies within tenthavenue, such as Spafax and Forward , continuously focus on developing content strategies and creating ongoing content for brands in any and all environments.

Through our mobile media agency, Joule , we partnered with Candyspace as our strategic creative lead; distributing content on its own proprietary technology to any digital device. Candyspace is now aligning the creative executions across the entire digital world. Not only PC, smartphone, game console and tablet, but also the wider world of digital out of home (OOH), bringing content alive and connected.

Through Kinetic , we partnered with Gamaroff, which specializes in building OOH displays and events, creating excitement and engagement to then deliver specific activation programs through social media.

We are very excited by our acquisition of TMARC , tenthavenue’s first foray into Africa. Based in South Africa, TMARC is a leading mobile activation company that delivers competitions and rewards via its proprietary technology. Working with South Africa’s leading retailer and brands, TMARC is looking to expand its services across all of Africa.

We are very excited by our acquisition of TMARC, tenthavenue’s first foray into Africa

In order to have a better understanding of how users engage with content and the mobile environment, we partnered with Mocean to create a purely mobile-centric Adserving and Trading Solution, currently operational in France where Joule is now the largest mobile media agency. This solution gives much more insight into clients’ mobile campaigns than the traditional online solutions currently being adapted for mobile. In 2014, we aim to take this solution across our other markets.

In summary, three years in, tenthavenue is aligning content with devices and users in the environments we understand better than anyone else. To deliver real utility to users, and performance and insights to clients.

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