Sudler & Hennessey

Jed Beitler

Report by Jed Beitler

Chairman and chief executive officer worldwide

2013 was a very successful year full of fast-paced beginnings, including 20 brand launches in the US alone. Globally, our business continued to grow through our participation in cross-Group team wins.

Driven by the continued need for interactive innovation with iPads, cross-platform apps and interactive designs, our internal digital integration resulted in digital growth that outpaced the agency growth in the US, and led to success throughout the network.

This year’s Global Manager’s Meeting focused on growing our business organically, refining our processes, and building tools to help us react more quickly to the changing environment.

New business initiatives, Primary Source (consulting) and Quality Matters (health management), quickly gained new clients with Quality Matters being acknowledged as one of the most “Innovative New Divisions” by industry trade publication PM360 .

New managing directors were appointed in London and Sydney; a new chief digital officer and chief financial officer joined the New York office.

And, once again, numerous Sudler offices throughout our regions were recognized for their creative efforts.

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