Charles Courtier

Report by Charles Courtier

Chief executive officer

2013 brought twists and turns throughout the year. While this business certainly gets more exciting, it gets more challenging too. MEC had a positive year and we stuck well to our key priorities: growth of our clients’ business, growth of our business and growth of our talent.

Strategic leadership, for our clients and our industry, remains a core principle behind our efforts in innovation. We launched MEC Momentum, our new approach to brand communications. Its ground-breaking work centered on the purchase pathway and measures the influences throughout the whole purchase journey. Our recent launch of Choreograph, a joint venture with Wunderman, joins content, data and media together into a single integrated offer and is a first of its kind.

Pitching and defending new business was a near permanent feature of the year. We had some great multi-market successes: GE, Danone, Beiersdorf, Sony Electronics, Chanel as well as numerous local market life-changers like L’Oréal in Canada and Renault in Turkey, for example.

An influx of market leaders, discipline leads, digital and strategic planners happened in all regions

Our focus on talent has to be relentless. With the communications industry changing at this pace, our need to develop our talent as well as bring in new skills into the organization is crucial. An influx of market leaders, discipline leads, digital and strategic planners happened in all regions. We drove change at the top of the company too; not least bringing in Carl Fremont as chief digital officer, from Digitas.

Looking ahead, disproportionate effort is behind leadership in digital and data. Driving marketing solutions encompassing data, insights, technology and content is the goal.

We are brimming with confidence about the year ahead. No doubt 2014 will have its challenges, but the year has certainly opened at a fast and furious pace. MEC feels stronger than ever, especially when we are cranking at full speed.

And that, of course, is down to our people. Their hard work, loyalty and unswerving good grace make all of this happen.

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