Mark Read, CEO of WPP Digital

Report by Lynn O’Connor Vos

Chief executive officer

ghg marked its fifth year of consecutive worldwide growth in 2013 – with double-digit growth across our five US offices – driven by the expansion of assignments with current clients, and by maximizing a robust new business pipeline. Our success was fueled by brand launches in oncology, women’s health, vaccines, animal health and specialty care. ghg continued to broaden our client base to include a fully diversified portfolio of healthcare clients, and added new multi-channel products and services to meet the pressing needs of the changing healthcare market.

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve with health IT, mobile engagement, emerging market expansion and consolidation across health-delivery systems, creating exciting new challenges and opportunities. We continue to invest in digital applications, data visualization and innovative patient education programs to help our clients assist healthcare providers in delivering improved patient care.

To address the industry’s need to respond to the Affordable Care Act, value-based pricing and the health outcomes-based model of care, WG Consulting – our EU market-access division – opened a new office in the US. We added senior executives in digital, strategy, medical education and health economics in the US and EU, and created digital centers of excellence in order to incubate new communications platforms that are inextricably linked to increasing healthcare professional and consumer engagement, and therefore, improving health. Additionally, we restructured our global offices into EU and APAC centers of excellence, to better meet global client needs.

Today’s challenges call for new strategies and different ways of thinking, and ghg goes beyond just participating in conversations about the future by actively investing in innovations that will improve healthcare communications for years to come. We are establishing partnerships to address our clients’ challenges, including: improving the physicians’ workflow with electronic health records; impacting patient behavior through consumer health media; addressing health literacy, focused communication with women who are most often the key healthcare decision maker; and optimizing mobile technology to achieve better health outcomes. Additionally, we continue to develop thought leadership that engages healthcare influencers.

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve with health IT, mobile engagement, emerging market expansion and consolidation across health-delivery systems

ghg continued a strong tradition of philanthropy in 2013 by contributing our insights, strategic guidance and breakthrough creative to the Jed Foundation, the Jerico Project and the Helen Keller Foundation in the US. We created a digital strategy for INMED Partnerships for Children, and continued to support Text4Baby , the most successful mobile health initiative in the US. Globally, we developed award-winning creative for Australia’s Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC).

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