Report by Rupert Day (below) Chief executive officer

Report by Rupert Day

tenthavenue has much to be proud about after our first year. Not only were we successful financially, but we developed and deepened both client and partner relationships in all parts of our organization, as the summaries opposite record.

tenthavenue is focusing on how content and audiences come together at the innumerable consumer touch points outside the home. By nurturing the development of enabling technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC) and understanding how those enabled touch points inter-relate with each other, we can deliver engaging content which consumers want to interact with and share. Crucially, it is the ability to quantify those interactions that enables the distribution of further related content to reinforce the consumer value – either through mobile, online or more traditional channels.

tenthavenue is focusing on how content and audiences come together at the innumerable consumer touch points outside the home

tenthavenue is committed to deliver, and be remunerated on, achieving specific and pre-identified client marketing and business objectives in parallel with continuous improvement on our existing business models. Our continued success will be driven from focusing on the delivery of engaging content to appropriately targeted audiences ‘outside of the home’; to maximize the value of our clients’ budgets; open up the sector to more response-driven clients; and set us apart from the competition.

As a new company, tenthavenue was able to put corporate social responsibility high on the agenda. A strong example of this is Kinetic in the US, who created a local community task force under the banner ‘Kinetic Cares’, providing Kinetic people with an opportunity to come together as a team and make a positive impact on society. Through volunteer work and by leveraging the power and strength of our relationships, Kinetic Cares encourages proactive social responsibility while delivering high-quality service to the communities in which we work and live. Projects undertaken so far have included local public park refurbishment, fundraising races, local school refurbishment and charity collections. The CSR leaders at Kinetic and tenthavenue are expanding this initiative internationally across other tenthavenue companies in 2012.


Spafax, our content distribution and custom publishing network, had a great year for core growth; consolidating the Lufthansa/Swiss in-flight entertainment account, as well as developments in other audience groups and networks in colleges, retail, healthcare and hotels. At the end of 2011, Spafax Networks was launched in the US to build new audiences, focusing on the growth of digital screens in various environments such as malls and bars.


Out-of-home expert Kinetic further cemented its position as the world’s foremost agency at reaching people on the move. The new management has significantly strengthened its global position, particularly in Asia Pacific, and focused on developing new, professional service-based revenue streams, which has resulted in strengthened direct relationships with clients like Asda, Vodafone, Accenture and SAP. Kinetic partnered with Mindshare to win a Gold Lion at Cannes this year. This is a major milestone for the out-of-home industry.


Mobile marketing agency Joule increased its footprint by launching in Australia as well as the recent opening of offices in Paris and China. Joule has consolidated its position as a major force in the mobile world with the winning of the Paramount US business, among others.


Performance marketing agency Quisma completed its European roll-out in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France and the UK and now has one of the largest European footprints of any performance marketing company. Quisma is aligned with GroupM clients, but also has a significant independent client base.

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