Report by Dominic Proctor (below)Chief executive officer

Report by Dominic Proctor

2011 was Mindshare’s 14th year, each year showing considerable growth on the previous one, in good times and bad. 2011 was no exception. However, there’s no doubt 2011 was tough, particularly because of the uncertainty in the global economy and in our clients marketing plans. Caution became the overwhelming sentiment within clients and this cautious uncertainty is now spilling into 2012.

Mindshare needed to be flexible and our service offering needed to adapt to these changing sentiments. With a heavy emphasis on pricing and delivery we are fortunate to be part of GroupM, which gives our clients the platform to be very competitive in the marketplace and the confidence to help us develop new service propositions. So in 2011, we invested a lot in developing our digital skills, our content development capabilities, our business planning strength and our strategic offering.

The clear feedback from clients is that they want these specialists on their account, but that they want them integrated into the account groups. This is challenging to achieve but the integration of disparate specialists into multidisciplinary teams is key. Scientists working with artists, planners with buyers.

2011 was a year when clients wanted the full breadth of our services. Accountability as well as creativity. Value as well as differentiation. Measurement as well as magic. I am pleased to say that Mindshare delivered against these demands and we were rewarded with some significant new business wins from clients such as Unilever, Heineken, SKY, Mazda and MSD.

It also meant that we were very well recognized in industry awards, winning Agency of the Year in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, India and Malaysia. Beyond this we won regional Agency of the Year in Asia Pacific, South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent. We were also rewarded for our creativity by winning more at Cannes than any other media agency, including three Gold Lions.

We launched our mobile marketing centre of excellence in India, leading business development and global best practice in this area

We also changed the management in many regions and markets in order to keep fresh and challenging. We brought in new CEOs in North America, Latin America and Europe, as well as important countries like Italy, Australia and Mexico.

We also recognized that technology would continue to be the main driver of change within our business. So we hired our first chief technology officer. We recognized that within technology, mobile will become a key driver. So we launched our mobile marketing centre of excellence in India, leading business development and global best practice in this area.

2011 was also my last year as CEO of Mindshare, as I am moving to GroupM. It has been a privilege to have been at Mindshare since day one, and I know that the new management team, led by Nick Emery, will make the company even better and stronger.

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