The longer term

In the long term, the outlook for the communications services industry appears favourable.

Globalisation, overcapacity of production in most sectors and the shortage of human capital, the developments in new technologies and media, the growth in importance of internal communications, the need to influence retail distribution, brand emphasis on health and wellness, the growth in government spending and the new focus on corporate sustainability issues such as climate change, underpin the need for our clients to continue to differentiate their products and services both tangibly and intangibly. 

Moreover, the continuing growth of the BRICs, Next 11 and other faster-growing geographical markets will add significant opportunities in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe – along with the growth of ‘new-BRICs’ such as Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Colombia and Mexico and even Myanmar. Advertising and marketing services expenditure as a proportion of GDP has started to resume its growth, although in these relatively low-inflationary times, where our clients have limited pricing power, we remain committed to working with our clients and their procurement departments to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their spending and investments.

Given these short-term and long-term trends, your Company believes it has the correct strategic priorities – new markets, new media, consumer insight and 'horizontality' – and a focus on not only strategic planning, creative execution and distribution, but also on both the application of technology and analysis of data, to the benefit of our clients and people. 

Including associates, the Group currently employs over 158,000 full-time people (up from over 146,000 the previous year) in over 2,500 offices in 107 countries. It services 344 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, all 30 of the Dow Jones 30, 63 of the Nasdaq 100, 33 of the Fortune e-50, and 730 national or multinational clients in three or more disciplines. More than 470 clients are served in four disciplines and these clients account for almost 57% of Group revenues. This reflects the increasing opportunities for coordination and co-operation or ‘horizontality’ between activities, both nationally and internationally and at a client and country level. The Group also works with almost 360 clients in six or more countries. 

These statistics reflect the increasing opportunities for developing client relationships between activities nationally, internationally and by function. We estimate that well over 35% of new assignments in the year were generated through the joint development of opportunities by two or more Group companies. The Group continues to improve co-operation and coordination among its operating companies in order to add value to our clients’ businesses and our people’s careers, an objective which has been specifically built into short-term incentive plans. ‘Horizontality’ has been accelerated through the appointment of over 30 Global Client Leaders for our major clients, accounting for about one-third of total revenues of $16 billion, and Country Managers in half a dozen 'test' markets. The Group continues to lead the industry in coordinating investment geographically and functionally through parent company initiatives and winning Group pitches.

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