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The persuasive way to build a brand

Good editorial cannot be bought, only influenced, making one marketing discipline increasingly important – Public Relations & Public Affairs. The growth of the internet and the growing sophistication of polling techniques play to the traditional strengths of Public Relations & Public Affairs, where relationships need to be built with opinion formers. That does not mean just newspapers. Blogs, social networks and customer websites are a new form of editorial, as important if not more important than The New York Times. Because they are fast and have a more intimate relationship with their readers, blogs can cause disproportionate harm to a brand – or conversely bring great benefit. PR can influence them in a way paid-for advertising cannot.

PR will never replace traditional advertising but in the new electronic media, it is a measurable way of building a brand. Chinese and Indian manufacturers will need its services to bring their products to the West, as they go beyond being makers of cheap generic goods to creators of value-added brands. Equally, burgeoning global powers will need PR to smooth their ways to places of influence in the world. And the financial institutions blamed for the credit crunch will need to buff up their tarnished reputations. In all these cases, PR will help, as we have seen over the past five years with the continued growth of our Public Relations & Public Affairs businesses.