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Report by Charles Courtier (below) Chief executive officer


MEC delivered a major turnaround in 2010. Of course, it comes off the back of a very difficult 2009, but nonetheless we made significant progress.

Growth makes the world go round. Looking around the MEC world this year; EMEA came back to growth after a torrid 2009. Asia Pacific and Latin America both delivered growth in the double-digits. For the second year running, Latin America is MEC’s fastest-growing region. North America also turned their fortunes around and delivered growth in 2010.

Our new business success was characterised by strong local market performance as opposed to international wins where the activity was much lower this year. A number of markets had particularly strong performances – India, Italy and Russia have tremendous momentum. We added more than $1 billion in billings.

It’s not just about new business though; the improving year meant increased activity from right across our client base. This naturally played a huge part in our success.

Keeping pace with the communications storm occupies a lot of our waking hours. We continue to innovate, adapt and change our organisation and product to stay ahead.

We launched our view of the future, Are you in control enough to let go?, to widespread praise as genuine thought leadership and a demonstration of the courage of our convictions.

 A number of markets had particularly strong performances – India, Italy and Russia have tremendous momentum 

To deliver an integrated ‘Paid Owned Earned’ product we re-launched our MEC Navigator process, training over half of staff globally in two-day courses. We created the Client Leader Forum as the driving force of our client-centricity program.

Trading is a crucial part of our business. We got better organised and invested in this vital area of MEC, alongside GroupM. The appointment of Keith Tiley as our director of Trading is key to this.

As Asia Pacific takes an ever more pivotal role globally, the region enters a new management phase under the leadership of Stephen Li.

We launched our new Analytics & Insight offer, combining all of our consumer insight, data and ROI specialisms, with new A&I leaders announced in the US, Latin America, China, the Nordics and Belgium among others.

Our digital resources continue to deepen and broaden with eight new leaders in Asia Pacific alone and Social & Emerging Platform leaders announced in the US and EMEA.

Training was stepped up versus 2009 as we continue to develop and invest in our talent. We also launched a bespoke e-learning platform, MEC Learning.

So, a successful year. We got back on track and drove forward our agenda and ambition. As always, this is testament to the thousands of MEC people all around the world – they are the ones that make everything happen.
 This was a much more rewarding year for us all.

The early signs for 2011 are positive. We start the year with predicted good revenue growth, product initiatives, some key senior hires and a strong new business pipeline. MEC is confident and enthusiastic about the year ahead.