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GCI Health

Report by Wendy Lund Chief executive officer


GCI Health’s 2010 goal of driving growth exceeded expectations in new business ventures, organic growth of existing accounts and the addition of several seasoned communications experts to the agency.

As one of the world’s largest specialty healthcare PR agencies, the primary focus at GCI Health is the patient, and we are constantly exploring ways to reach them through new and unique channels. This year we launched our Synchronicity practice, which is centered around patient and physician education with a focus on improving the health outcomes of patients.

Due to the changing and growing needs of the marketplace and the ongoing evolution of digital channels and platforms, GCI Health invested in expanding our digital health services. Our digital health practice offers breakthrough solutions to influence healthcare opinion and behavior, build better, more direct communications and ultimately, drive brand visibility and uptake.

Our client roster ranges from large multinational companies, to specialized pharmaceutical companies, to high-science biotechnology firms, to small start-ups with promising investigational therapies. To all of these clients GCI Health brings a deep understanding of the industry and a relentless passion for helping to shape and define it.

GCI Health continues to offer clients a commitment to ‘beating’ expectations and an obsession with anticipating the challenges of an increasingly complex and transforming healthcare communications environment. With great momentum going into 2011, our goal is to become the best specialty healthcare PR agency in the industry.