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Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Report by Matt Giegerich (below) Chairman and chief executive officer

Matt Giegerich

When CommonHealth, Med Ad News’ Agency of the Year 2010 and already one of the most formidable healthcare communications groups in the industry, merged its offerings with Ogilvy & Mather’s healthcare group, the bold coupling became one of the most talked about agency mergers in years. Though the groups had collaborated extensively over the past 15 years, the formal marriage of the two like-minded, similarly-cultured agencies effectively doubled the size and reach of each organization in the healthcare arena. The result? An entirely new entity, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW), was formed, creating what is arguably the largest, most highly resourced and creative agency in the world of healthcare communications.

The formation of OCHWW was a bold yet sophisticated solution to the ongoing challenges of the healthcare industry. With the marketplace evolving at an increasingly high level and pace, the principals at both CommonHealth and Ogilvy knew a dramatic change was necessary for them to continue to compete in an ever-changing world. Now, with the benefits of expanded creative skills and services, planning tools, digital technologies, data and analytics, and rich learnings from other, non-health related client categories, OCHWW clients have an automatic marketplace advantage. The creation of OCHWW has positioned the agency for the future of healthcare communications, aligning the group and its services against what has become pharma’s new commercial model.

OCHWW boasts experience in every marketing discipline, in every therapeutic category. The agency provides its clients with global marketing services including: advertising and promotion, brand identity and development, global integration, direct-to-consumer, direct-to-patient, relationship marketing, digital/interactive services, payer marketing, medical education, media planning and buying, scientific communications and publications, clinical trial recruitment, market research and analytics, strategic consulting and public affairs and relations.

The network maintains numerous hubs in the North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions and in an increasing number of markets, OCHWW houses the individual Ogilvy CommonHealth  and Ogilvy Healthworld sub-brand identities. The collective group is run by a global executive team comprised of agency principals from both the original Ogilvy and CommonHealth groups.

 The formation of OCHWW was a bold yet sophisticated solution to the ongoing challenges of the healthcare industry 

Since the merger, clients have responded with resounding and enthusiastic support; the organization now boasts a total of more than 200 client partnerships on its global roster, with significant new opportunities streaming steadily in each week.

Culturally, OCHWW has shown a surprisingly strong sense of self for a newly-formed agency. From the moment the merger was conceived, OCHWW agency leaders saw the remarkable similarities in the CommonHealth and Ogilvy cultures. It proved a natural and easy transition as the agency fully embraced the rich history of the Ogilvy brand, taking it on as its own. Executives at OCHWW transformed the group’s corporate headquarters to better reflect their new identity – modeling the look, feel, attitude and standards of the Ogilvy brand in all areas.

Moving forward, the executive team at OCHWW anticipates clients will begin to place greater emphasis on emerging markets, developing more targeted, specialty-oriented therapies while diversifying into other, health-related categories – and OCHWW is prepared to meet whatever client needs arise. With the merger now firmly established, OCHWW’s future focus remains solidly on growing its clients’ brands, building upon the organization’s current offerings through an ever-evolving array of specialized services, and growing its client base around the globe.