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Twin Jackpots

oil on canvas
22 x 20 in

Penny Machines
oil on canvas
23¾ x 29¾ in

Stack of Books
oil on canvas
30 x 24 in

Seven Suckers
oil on canvas
19 x 23 in

Twin Jackpots
oil on canvas
30 x 46 in

oil on canvas
20 x 26 in

Cake Slices
oil on canvas
20 x 16 in

Policy on directors' service contracts, notice periods, termination payments and external appointments

The Company’s policy on the duration of directors’ service contracts is that no executive directors have fixed-term contracts and the notice period for each is shown in the table below. None of the contracts of head office executive directors contain liquidated damages provisions. There were no payments in 2009 in respect of termination of employment of any executive director. Sir Martin’s service contract may be terminated by the Company or by Sir Martin without, in either case, notice needing to be given – a so called ‘contract at will’. This means that the Company may terminate Sir Martin’s service contract without the need to pay compensation for any notice period.

Executive director Effective from Notice period
Sir Martin Sorrell 19 Nov 2008 ‘At will’
Paul Richardson 19 Nov 2008 12 months
Mark Read 19 Nov 2008 6 months

Executive directors are permitted to serve as non-executives on the boards of other organisations. If the Company is a share owner in that organisation, non-executive fees for these roles are waived. However, if the Company is not a share owner in that organisation, any non-executive fees can be retained by the office holder.

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