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Twin Jackpots

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Twin Jackpots
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Directors' interests

Directors’ interests in the Company’s ordinary share capital, all of which were beneficial, are shown in the following table. Save as disclosed in this table and in the report of the Compensation Committee, no director had any interest in any contract of significance with the Group during the year. Each executive director has a technical interest as an employee and potential beneficiary in shares in the Company held under the ESOPs. As at 31 December 2009, the Company’s ESOPs (which are entirely independent of the Company and which have waived their rights to receive dividends) held in total 24,941,529 shares in the Company (33,167,446 in 2008). Further details of the long-term incentive plans are given in the notes here and in the table below.

      Shares acquired through
long-term incentive
plan awards in 2009
      Shares acquired through
long-term incentive
plan awards in 2010
  At 1 Jan 2009
or appointment
  Vested (sold) Movement
during 2009
inc. shares
in 2009
At 31 Dec
or earlier
retirement or
  Vested (sold) Other
31 Dec 2009
16 Apr 2010
C Day 5,240   5,240   5,240
E Dyson 35,000   35,000   35,000
O Gadiesh    
D Komansky1 10,000   10,000  
P Lader 11,950   11,950   11,950
S W Morten 20,000   20,000   20,000
K Naganuma2    
L Olayan    
J A Quelch 12,000   12,000   12,000
M Read3 60,190   32,388 (13,306) 79,272   71,677 (56,698) 2,875 97,126
P W G Richardson3,4 291,319   79,335 (39,747) 330,907   327,778 (164,219) 494,466
J Rosen 12,000   12,000   12,000
T Shriver 5,000   5,000   5,000 10,000
P Spencer 10,000   10,000   10,000
Sir Martin Sorrell3,5,6,7 16,295,356   109,986 16,405,342   722,678 (122,536) (147,883) 16,857,601
D Komansky retired from the Board on 6 February 2009.
K Naganuma is a director of Asatsu-DK, which at 16 April 2010 had interests in 31,295,646 shares representing 2.49% of the issued share capital of the Company.
Interests include investment shares committed to the 2006, 2007 and 2008 awards under Renewed LEAP and the 2009 award under LEAP III but do not include matching shares from these plans, if any.
In December 2008, Paul Richardson charged to AIB Group (UK) plc 256,319 shares in the Company as security for certain facilities made available to him by AIB.
Includes 3,386,031 shares pursuant to the vesting of the 2004 and 2005 awards granted under Renewed LEAP. The receipt of these awards have been deferred until November 2011 and 2012 respectively.
Includes 3,636,950 shares which originally formed part of the Capital Investment Plan (an award in respect of 4,691,392 shares in total, some of which have been received by Sir Martin Sorrell) and comprised the UK and US Deferred Stock Units Awards Agreements.
In December 2005, Sir Martin Sorrell and the trustees of two family life interest trusts of Sir Martin Sorrell charged to AIB Group (UK) plc 3,771,214 and 3,863,147 ordinary shares in the Company respectively as security for facilities. In November 2008, Sir Martin Sorrell charged to AIB a further 232,595 shares as security in relation to the renewal of certain of those facilities. In December 2008, Sir Martin Sorrell gifted 259,825 shares to the JMMRJ Charitable Foundation and those shares were released by AIB from the security held by them. In March 2010, Sir Martin Sorrell gifted 147,883 shares to the JMMRJ Charitable Foundation.

Chairman of the Compensation Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors of WPP plc

16 April 2010

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