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Penny Machines

oil on canvas
22 x 20 in

Penny Machines
oil on canvas
23¾ x 29¾ in

Stack of Books
oil on canvas
30 x 24 in

Seven Suckers
oil on canvas
19 x 23 in

Twin Jackpots
oil on canvas
30 x 46 in

oil on canvas
20 x 26 in

Cake Slices
oil on canvas
20 x 16 in


Report by Dominic Proctor (below)
Chief executive officer

Dominic Proctor

Well at least 2009 is behind us!

It wasn’t a vintage year for many companies but there is little to be gained from dwelling on the gloom of a recession beyond our control. Of course it was tough but it was tough for all our clients, all of our agencies, our people, our partners and our competitors, so let’s get beyond it.

Mindshare is a very strong company, and companies who stay strong in a recession have a great opportunity to be even stronger when the tide turns. In fact Mindshare had many successes in 2009 which helped strengthen our business. As well as a strong new business year locally (check out our website, we continued to do extremely well in competitive global pitches. Working with global clients has always been at the core of our strategy and has allowed us to develop a unique global network. In 2009 we pitched for three global clients and won them all… Zurich Insurance, IHG (Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza) and Boehringer Ingleheim.

Each of these clients was looking for a world-class partner to help them with their worldwide plans.

So were Unilever. Unilever announced a review of its global media business in the summer of 2009 and this became the biggest pitch in the history of the media advertising business, in terms of billings and geographies. After a very long, intense and competitive review we won the large majority of the business. A fantastic result from one of the world’s biggest advertisers and a great testament to our teams.

2009 was not just difficult, it was also very different. Because of the new economy there was much greater client focus on costs. Competitive media pricing has always been fundamental to what we do, but never more so than in 2009. Our teams worked hard with GroupM to extract maximum value for our clients from the weakening media markets and being part of the biggest trading organisation in the world gave our clients great advantage.

We do not foresee much recovery in the markets in 2010; however, when the markets do recover we face another important challenge. In many instances the recession has robbed us of the ‘added value’ service dimensions and with our clients we must make sure to replace them. It would be terrible for everybody if we only focus on pricing and transactions. Media has always been a combination of art and science, magic and logic, and we must not let the economy steal the art and the magic.

Our teams worked hard with GroupM to extract maximum value for our clients from the weakening media markets

Apart from winning new business we won over 200 industry awards in 2009, including Agency of the Year in many markets and globally (check the website again!). We continued to hire and train new talent and old, and we continued to develop the tools which will allow our clients to navigate the new media environments. In short, we continued to strengthen the company.

So, a tough year all round, but with plenty to cheer and plenty to look forward to thanks to the dedication of our people, our clients and our partners.

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