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Penny Machines

oil on canvas
22 x 20 in

Penny Machines
oil on canvas
23¾ x 29¾ in

Stack of Books
oil on canvas
30 x 24 in

Seven Suckers
oil on canvas
19 x 23 in

Twin Jackpots
oil on canvas
30 x 46 in

oil on canvas
20 x 26 in

Cake Slices
oil on canvas
20 x 16 in


Report by Lois Jacobs (below)
Chief executive officer

Lois Jacobs

In common with many of our retail clients, 2009 was a challenging year for Fitch. While we experienced growth in Asia, other parts of our network were more affected by the economic downturn.

When I joined Fitch in April 2009, I took the opportunity to confirm our brand positioning both internally and externally. As a global design consultancy we believe we influence the world around you by translating brand into consumer experience. This focus on the consumer journey is what drives all of us at Fitch and is strengthened both by our branding and our retail expertise. This articulation of our brand offer is expressed on our new website,

Our ability to translate brands into experiences enabled us to win fresh assignments for many new clients. We welcomed Barclaycard, McLaren, Hyundai, Arcelik Beko, VM Ware, Sberbank and Morrisons to Fitch in 2009. Much of this work was secured through our ability to design both 2D graphics and 3D environments. This rare combination of skills provides a seamless expression of the brand at all the different touch points.

The quality and diversity of our creative work, led by Tim Greenhalgh, a frequent speaker at industry events, remains very strong. We continue to win awards in all our markets and our commitment to our creative work remains uppermost in our hearts with appointments of three new creative directors in Columbus, Doha and Mumbai.

open quoteOur ability to translate brands into experiences enabled us to win fresh assignments for many new clientsclose quote

Our creative product is fuelled by our insight and our foresight and 2009 saw three significant thought pieces developed by our Global Studio. We continue to examine the dynamics of ‘Generous Brands’; we are exploring how people are increasingly leading ‘Live-styles’; and, finally, one that is capturing the imagination of many of our clients: ‘The Serious Business of Play’ looks into how freedom of interaction and an intuitive environment can lead to loyalty and a greater share of hearts, minds and wallets.

We remain committed to finding and retaining the best talent throughout the company. To that end appointed three new managing directors – Victoria Leavitt in Columbus, James Sundstad in Seattle and Olivier Auroy in Dubai – and recruited Carol Ann White as our global HR director.

We are well set to grow in 2010.

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