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Seven Suckers

oil on canvas
22 x 20 in

Penny Machines
oil on canvas
23¾ x 29¾ in

Stack of Books
oil on canvas
30 x 24 in

Seven Suckers
oil on canvas
19 x 23 in

Twin Jackpots
oil on canvas
30 x 46 in

oil on canvas
20 x 26 in

Cake Slices
oil on canvas
20 x 16 in

Significant agreements and change of control

In addition to the financing agreements to which the Company is a party, details of which are given in note 24, the Company is a party to an agreement with Asatsu-DK Inc dated 3 August 1998 pursuant to which WPP subscribed for 20% (at that time) of the share capital of Asatsu and Asatsu subscribed for approximately 4% (at that time) of the issued share capital of WPP. The respective shareholdings may only be transferred following a procedure set out in the agreement. WPP and Asatsu are each entitled to nominate a non-executive director to the board of the other subject to retaining its shareholding in the other.

Each of the €600 million 4.375% bonds due in December 2013, £400 million 6% bonds due in April 2017, €500 million 5.25% bonds due in January 2015, €750 million 6.625% bonds due 2016, the £200 million 6.375% bonds due November 2020, £450 million 5.75% convertible bonds due May 2014 and the $600 million 8% bonds due September 2014, contain provisions which are triggered on a change of control of the Company. The holders of such bonds (other than the £450 million 5.75% bonds) have the right to repayment at par (except for holders of the $600 million 8% bonds where the holders have the right to redeem the bonds at 101% of par) if the Company is non-investment grade at the time of the change of control or becomes non-investment grade within 120 days of the announcement of the change of control.

In addition the Group has a $1.6 billion Revolving Credit Facility due August 2012 and a £400 million Revolving Credit Facility agreement expiring July 2011, the terms of which require the consent of the majority of the lenders if a proposed merger or consolidation of the Company would alter its legal personality or identity.

The impact of a change of control on WPP’s incentive plans is dealt with here.

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