Ordinary share owners have received the following dividends in respect of each financial year:

  2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
First interim dividend per ordinary share 5.19p 4.32p 3.60p 3.00p 2.50p
Second interim dividend per ordinary share 10.28p 9.13p 7.61p 6.34p 5.28p
Total 15.47p 13.45p 11.21p 9.34p 7.78p
Income access share arrangements have been put in place by the Company. The mechanics of the income access share arrangements mean that the Company will declare a second interim rather than a final dividend. The Board has no plans to announce any additional dividend in respect of the year ended 31 December 2008.
Share owners who hold more than 100,000 shares and who wish to receive their dividend from a UK source must make an election and should contact Computershare Investor Services for the relevant forms. Share owners who held 100,000 or fewer WPP ordinary shares on the date of admission of the Company’s shares to the London Stock Exchange or (if later) on the first dividend record date after they became share owners in the Company, will be automatically deemed to have elected to receive a UK-sourced dividend. All elections remain in force indefinitely unless revoked. Unless share owners have made, or are deemed to have made, an election under the Dividend Access Plan, their dividend will be paid from an Irish source and will be taxed accordingly.