In the future

WPP Digital is at the heart of WPP’s future. The possibilities of what can be achieved are only constrained by the limits of our imagination. Brands like Google, Facebook, MySpace, eBay and Twitter did not even exist only a decade ago. This is a very exciting time for marketing services because ‘digital’ offers opportunity for marketing innovation like never before in history. We are very committed to ensuring that all disciplines, and all agencies in WPP will fully embrace ‘digital’. Specifically in our WPP Digital group of more specialist agencies, over 1,000 people have enjoyed the most successful year ever and we would like to thank them for their hard work and pioneering spirit. Whatever the future holds – and we all know 2009 is more challenging – one thing is certain. Digital will be the critical success factor in brand marketing for our clients and an essential driver of growth for WPP.