The Kantar Group

A new way of going to market

Sharon Potter, Worldwide chief executive officer, Kantar Operations

Sharon Potter (above)
Worldwide chief executive officer
Kantar Operations

Anne Hedde, President and group chief executive officer, Lightspeed Research

Anne Hedde (above)
President and group chief executive officer,
Lightspeed Research

As the words above demonstrate, we have no shortage of solutions to address client needs, no shortage of ambition for our business and for the role we want to play in driving the industry forward and no shortage of talent which is able to innovate effectively.

Post TNS, we have substantially stronger capabilities; our challenge is to make our structure as client friendly as possible, ensuring that we are able to deliver to our clients the best of Kantar when they need it.

So, recognising the desirability of having a multi-branded approach – both for our people and for its ability to nourish and develop specialist and focused capabilities – we have adapted the way we go to market.

In merging TNS with Research International we have created a custom research business which has strong sector expertise, a wide range of services and strong local strength. The new business will sit well alongside Millward Brown and Added Value, all three being global networks but all three positioned to address different client needs.

In creating Kantar Healthcare (through the combination of TNS Healthcare, Ziment and Mattson Jack), Kantar Media (through the combination of TNS Media and KMR) and Kantar Retail (through the combination of Cannondale, Glendinning, MVI, Retail Forward and Red Dot Square) we have clarified our specialist offers.

In rebranding Kantar Worldpanel we are stating our ambition to marry attitudinal and behavioural data to better understand what people purchase and why they have done so, as well as being able to better predict what they are likely to purchase in the future.

And in bringing together the best operational expertise which exists in Kantar Operations with that of TNS and in merging the TNS access panels with Lightspeed, we are making clear our intention to elevate the importance of data quality, privacy and of finding new ways of engaging with consumers – as well as lowering the cost of these services.

As I said earlier, structures are of no interest to clients. But getting the structure right facilitates better work and easier access. We now have a set of capabilities and a structure which should enable even better work and even greater impact. However, structure without talent and attitude is of no use to anyone.

In the 18th century a Cantar was a measurement of the weight of a cannon ball; in the 19th century it was a measure of the Egyptian cotton crop.

In the 21st century we would like Kantar to be a measure of Inspiration.

We want our people to be inspired by the tools they have access to and by the environments in which they work. In turn, we want them to inspire our clients through the rigour, imagination and intelligence of their work and the creativity with which it is delivered. It is a lofty goal against which we will measure ourselves in our employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys. We know that we are successful in many places at many times. But we have a deep-seated ambition to see that inspiration in every part of our business applied to all of our clients, every day.