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Sudler & Hennessey

Jed Beitler, Chairman and chief executive officer

Report by Jed Beitler (above)
Chairman and chief executive officer

Sudler & Hennessey is one of the world’s most successful and sought-after healthcare communications networks. We continued to build on our successes by bringing ‘Established Innovation’ services and geographic offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients within human and animal health industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, fast-moving consumer goods, foods, device/diagnostics, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

S&H continued to strengthen its relationships with many of the top global and regional healthcare companies by expanding our base of pharmaceutical clients in the areas of foods/nutrition and packaged goods as well as governments and NGOs.

Technology remains crucial to the network’s ongoing promotional, educational and training efforts. In 2008, we continued our focus on supporting client technology needs through augmentation of our systems in our S&H Digital division, attracting new talent and expanding our overall delivery across a wide variety of interactive solutions.

In 2008, the creativity within the S&H network was recognized through over 45 awards from various international and regional competitions around the world, including the Globals, the Rx Club Awards, the MANNY Awards, the MM&M Awards, the IN-AWE Awards, and the EPICA Awards. We developed a new, powerful branding approach, ‘Effective Energy’, that delivers against real business issues and we anticipate this tool to be very useful to clients in today’s environment.

The Sudler & Hennessey network strengthened its senior staff to oversee its global operations. Max Jackson was appointed as president for S&H EMEA. Louisa Holland and Rob Rogers are now co-CEOS for The Americas. Rob Rogers also serves as president of S&H Asia/Pacific and chief creative officer for the New York office. To further strengthen our delivery for our international clients, we appointed new regional managing directors for Canada, South Asia and Greater China. We also increased our services, offerings, and geographic footprint in India, Turkey and Singapore as well as the CEE markets including Lithuania and Hungary.