Young & Rubicam Brands

The Bravo Group

Report by Eddie Gonzales
Chairman and chief executive officer

2008 was a transformative year for the Bravo Group with major progress in product quality, talent additions, client satisfaction and financial performance.

Bravo’s enhanced product quality was recognized with Advertising Age creative awards in digital and non-traditional channels. Additionally, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) recognized Bravo for outstanding strategic planning and insights. Bravo moved from No.4 to No.2 in Advertising Age’s Hispanic Agency rankings for 2008.

New talent was added throughout the entire organization with new creative directors in Miami, New York, Chicago and San Francisco and new managing directors in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The result? Enhanced client relationships, growth on 90% of our top 10 accounts, new business wins (Kodak, Aetna and Boehringer Ingelheim) and a financial turnaround that saw a strong margin improvement.

Our focus going forward continues to revolve around superior creativity, expanded capabilities in the digital arena and better talent. Whereas 2009 will be challenging for all, the Hispanic marketplace continues to grow and offer robust opportunities for those that can offer superior insights and solutions. Bravo will continue to succeed by providing its clients what they need most: outstanding performance.