United Network

Ewen Cameron, Chief executive officer

Report by Ewen Cameron (above)
Chief executive officer
Laurence Mellman
Chief operating officer

2008 was a year of substantive progress that saw United make strides in its mission to become a primary source of world-beating ideas for a new generation of global brands.

This was best represented by the global multimedia campaign developed by United (and creatively led by Sra Rushmore United in Madrid) for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in the build-up to the success that was Beijing 2008. The campaign, entitled ‘The Best of Us’, included heavy use of digital and viral media in order to engage with the IOC’s global youth audience. Looking towards Vancouver 2010, Cole & Weber United in Seattle (United’s new creative lead on the IOC post-Beijing) will bring their well-honed, in-house talents in integrated youth marketing to the next phase of ‘The Best of Us’ campaign.

open quoteUnited [made] strides in its mission to become a primary source of world-beating ideas for a new generation of global brandsclose quote

In New York, Berlin Cameron United continued to enjoy success in its role as a key creative resource within cross-Group client teams. The agency deepened its relationship with Team Ford and in the process developed a critically-acclaimed campaign for Lincoln cars. On the international front, Berlin Cameron United’s global work for LVMH brands Hennessy and Belvedere continues to break new ground through its effective and innovative usage of branded content. And finally, on VitaminWater, Berlin Cameron United’s irreverent work in the US has helped to pave the way for VitaminWater’s global brand launch in 2009.

United’s offices in Europe enjoyed another year of impressive new business wins, coupled with high quality and award-winning creative. 1861 United in Milan successfully defended the coveted Sky Italia business, picked up IKEA in late 2008 and grew revenues on existing client Vodafone. In Madrid, Sra Rushmore United continued to break new ground with a series of world-class campaigns for The Coca-Cola Company, while Les Ouvriers du Paradis United in Paris won a hard-fought pitch for Seiko’s global creative duties. A close collaboration between LDV United in Antwerp and BTS United in Oslo led to a network win for the EU’s Safer Internet campaign. The pan-European work, aimed at protecting children from the dangers of the internet, will break in early 2009.

In Latin America, we continued to develop global campaigns for Coca-Cola, and our reputation as a creative powerhouse in the region remains enviable.

While progress and a strong creative showing were 2008’s headlines for United, the network was affected by the economic crisis, with client spending and revenues down across markets. And while 2009 is expected to be a tough year, we believe that it is also one in which world-class creative ideas are more important than ever in helping to grow our clients’ brands and businesses within an increasingly difficult environment. We look forward to this challenge, and will continue to push the boundaries of creativity across media and geography.