Office energy efficiency

In 2008, we launched a global metering project to bring energy savings by cutting waste. We are investing £750,000 to install meters in 100 of our largest sites globally (representing 65% of our property portfolio by floor space) that centrally monitor energy use, enabling us to make savings of between 10% and 15%. Improved metering will also ensure that we are being charged accurately by our energy suppliers.

In 2008, we identified preferred suppliers in all regions, which our operating companies can use to buy and install low-energy light fittings. We will begin an installation program for low-energy fittings in 2009. We have set up procurement contracts with furniture and carpet suppliers to ensure the products we purchase come from renewable sources and can be disposed of in a responsible manner.

Where possible, we aim to ensure that any properties we purchase meet advanced environmental standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and BRE Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM). For example, a new purpose-built facility for nine of our companies in Singapore is being designed to the Green Mark Scheme Gold Standard, which is equivalent to LEED.