Carbon offset

After reducing our CO2 emissions as much as possible, we offset the majority of the rest. This means paying someone else to reduce their carbon emissions by an amount equal to our own footprint – saving one tonne of CO2 elsewhere in the world for one tonne that WPP creates.

Our operating companies meet the cost of offsetting their emissions. This provides an incentive to cut their climate impact as the more they reduce their emissions the less they will have to pay in offset costs.

All carbon offset projects supported by WPP are renewable energy projects. We do not support forestry offset. Through the CarbonNeutral Company we currently fund seven projects, including wind farm and hydroelectric projects in China and wind and solar generation in India.

One of these is the Jamnagar Wind Power Project, which is helping to reduce India’s reliance on fossil fuels by building new wind turbines. It costs more to generate electricity from wind rather than coal in India, which means finance from offset projects is often key to making wind farms in the country commercially viable. The project will provide reliable, renewable power to the electricity grid and will provide jobs for people in nearby villages. The turbines being built in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka will have a combined capacity of 147MW.