Committee meetings

The attendance of non-executive directors at meetings of the committees of the Board during 2008 was as follows:

Philip Lader3 2 7 10
Bud Morten n/a 8 n/a
Jeffrey Rosen n/a 6 10
Paul Spencer n/a 7 n/a
Esther Dyson1 1 n/a 7
David Komansky 2 n/a n/a
Colin Day n/a 7 n/a
Lubna Olayan1 1 n/a n/a
Christopher Mackenzie2 1 n/a n/a
Appointed to the Nomination Committee on 23 July 2008.
Retired on 24 June 2008.
By invitation, the chairman attended all but one of the Audit Committee meetings.

During 2008, the Corporate Responsibility Committee, chaired by Paul Richardson, met once on a formal basis and had many informal discussions. Its report for 2008 starts in the corporate responsibility section.

The Disclosure Committee, which met six times during 2008, is comprised of senior executives from Group financial reporting, internal audit, treasury, legal, tax, human resource and investor relations departments. The purpose of the Disclosure Committee is to add further assurance to the Board and its committees in relation to the content of major financial public statements and advises the Audit Committee and the Board on their disclosure obligations generally and the Disclosure and Transparency Rules so as to enable the Board to comply with all relevant provisions.