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Fast read: How we behave

Corporate governance

The Board of Directors as a whole is collectively accountable to the Company's share owners for good corporate governance and is committed to achieving compliance with the principles of corporate governance set out in the Combined Code.

Our goal is to comply with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines such as the Combined Code, the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, the NASDAQ rules and where practicable, with the guidelines issued by institutional investors and their representative bodies.

WPP operates a system of internal control, which is maintained and reviewed in accordance with the Combined Code and the guidance in the Turnbull Report as well as the relevant provisions of the Securities Exchange Act 1934 and related SEC rules as they currently apply to the Company. In the opinion of the Board, the Company has complied throughout the year with the Combined Code, the Turnbull Report and also with the relevant provisions of the Securities Exchange Act 1934 and SEC rules.

Corporate responsibility

WPP's Corporate Responsibility Committee, which is chaired by Paul Richardson, advises on policy, monitors emerging issues and co-ordinates communication among Group companies.

WPP's five most significant corporate responsibility issues are:

  • The social and environmental impact of our work for clients.
  • The impact of our work, including marketing ethics, compliance with marketing standards, protection of consumer privacy, social and cause-related marketing.
  • Employment, including diversity and equal opportunities, business ethics, employee development, remuneration, communication and health and safety. In 2007, WPP invested £38.6 million in training and wellbeing across the Group.
  • Social investment, including pro bono work, donations to charity and employee volunteering. In 2007, our total social investment was worth £16.3 million, equivalent to 0.3% of revenue (2% of reported profit before tax). This includes £12.8 million in pro bono work (based on the fees the benefiting organisations would have paid for our work) and £3.5 million in donations.
  • Climate change, including the emissions from energy used in our offices and during business travel.

Full details of our governance policies and practices, and our corporate responsibility activities, can be found in How we behave.