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Policy on directors' service contracts, notice periods and termination payments

The Company's policy on the duration of directors' service contracts is that no executive directors have fixed term contracts and the notice period for each is shown in the table below. None of the contracts of parent company executive directors contain liquidated damages provisions. There were no payments in 2007 in respect of termination of employment of any executive director.

Executive director Contract/effective date Notice period
Sir Martin Sorrell 1 April 2005 "At will"
Paul Richardson 1 January 2005 12 months
Mark Read 9 September 2002 6 months

Non-executive director* Contract date
Philip Lader 26 February 2001
Colin Day 25 July 2005
Esther Dyson 29 June 1999
Orit Gadiesh 28 April 2004
David Komansky 28 January 2003
Bud Morten 2 December 1991
Lubna Olayan 18 March 2005
John Quelch 10 July 1991
Koichiro Naganuma 23 January 2004
Christopher Mackenzie 14 March 2000
Jeffrey Rosen 20 December 2004
Tim Shriver 6 August 2007
Paul Spencer 28 April 2004


* The notice period applicable to all non-executive directors is two months.

WPP total return to share owners relative to relevant comparators


* Measured on a common currency basis.

For share owners' information, the Company's TSR for the period from 31 December 2002 to March 2008 is shown on this graph. The FTSE 100 is the Index the Board considers most relevant for the purpose of comparison and Interpublic and Omnicom are shown as these are the companies with whose performance that of the Company is most commonly compared.