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Dominic Proctor

Report by Dominic Proctor

Chief executive officer

Regular readers of these reports may recall that 2007 was MindShare's 10th anniversary. And they won't be surprised to hear that it was our 10th successive year of double-digit growth. In summary it was another very successful year for our company, our people and our clients.

In some ways the market continued to be very much in our favour as it continued to become more complicated. We are the sort of company that thrives on chaos and flux, because the less certain the market is, the more valuable we become to our clients. The more change and disorder in the media marketplace the better it is for us. And it is also an advantage for our clients because if their agency is best placed to navigate them through the communications jungle then this can be a major commercial advantage over their competitors. A brilliant media communications strategy has become as important a competitive asset as a brilliant NPD strategy or a brilliant brand strategy.

This change and chaos is caused mainly by evolving technology and the way in which this has forced all our media consumption habits to change. Think of your own media consumption (or maybe somebody half your age!). It is very different now than it used to be and it will continue to change as most media become digital. For our clients this means that their media communications plans can become much more precise and accountable as all media eventually become addressable and avoidable. The combination of the chaotic, fragmented media landscape and the move from an analogue world to a digital world means that our focus is now on developing breakthrough content ideas and managing the data to get them optimum exposure.

To cope with all this we have to remain flexible and nimble. We have continued to broaden our business, especially in the areas of digital, content, IP, Communications Planning and Business Science. Indeed our revenue base is becoming very skewed towards these businesses which are quickly becoming mainstream rather than specialist. The heart of what we do has not changed, but our client groups and agencies are much more diverse.

This process of change throws up two potential contradictions: specialist versus integrated team and art versus science. Of course we have to embrace both sides of both contradictions and be just as good at all of them.

Our clients want very specialist advice but they want it in an integrated fashion so that they can see the whole picture. So, like an orchestra or a rugby team, our structure becomes one of integrated specialists.

Art versus science is not an impossible contradiction either. The best media solutions need to be both creative and accountable, magic blended with logic, scale delivered with touch.

We are continuing to remodel our company based on these insights and we can see no reason why our 11th year should not be another successful one.

As always we thank our people, our clients and our partners for allowing this to happen.