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Our offer

We have made substantial change which has positively impacted on clients in many areas. This has come in various guises but the most important have come in four areas:

1 In revolutionizing (and I don't use the word lightly) our approach to the way in which we measure a number of fundamental business levers:

  • The impact of communication to take into account the fragmentation of media.
  • A client desire to connect emotionally with consumers.
  • An ability to value in monetary terms the impact of brand actions.

Millward Brown's clients, through Link360 and Dynamic Tracking, can now understand the impact which different media have in communicating a message and can optimize their spend. Through MB Optimor they can value their brands and put in stark monetary terms the impact which different actions have, the price which they should charge for licenses and the price they should pay or receive for acquisitions and disposals.

Added Value's Emotional Brand Connection (EBC) approach has been adopted by many clients as a way of developing communication which generates the kind of feeling amongst audiences which is consistent with the brand.

Ziment's MESSAGEZ methodology allows healthcare clients to identify those messages which best communicate the promise, in a way akin to the way in which political campaigns focus on message.

And finally Cannondale's iCUBE® approach (more below) is at the heart of as good an approach to maximizing effectiveness in-store as anything which exists anywhere in the world.

2 In changing our structure to facilitate greater client impact:

  • Japan Kantar Research was set up to deliver Kantar's entire offer through one organization and facilitate a greater sensitivity to local needs.
  • Kantar Media Research was set up as an independent organization to take a more holistic approach to media audience measurement and more aggressively pursue the opportunities which exist. Our investments in IMMI, TRA and NuConomy are early evidence of our desire to incorporate digital capabilities and offer clients an ability to measure all media and link media consumption and purchase behaviour.
  • IIPS was set up to improve the quality and scope of services for government clients in the UK.
  • In eliminating regional management structures at Added Value and in flattening hierarchies at IMRB, we have begun to explicitly address the need to maximize quality client time and improve both speed of response and proactivity.

3 In developing new syndicated products and services which are cost effective and which clients can roll out consistently:

  • Our clients' ability to optimize their spend in-store and to target promotions and price changes in a way that maximizes incremental margin has been significantly enhanced by Cannondale's development and roll out of Rich Mix 7.0 (an assortment modeling tool which enables an accurate assessment of each item's incremental contribution to total category sales) and iCUBE® (a shopper insights tool co-developed with PepsiCo, General Mills, Kimberly-Clark, Clorox and Pepperidge Farm) which enables manufacturers and retailers to identify key shopper segments, understand the drivers of specific trip missions, quantify the "size of the prize" in terms of growth opportunities, and identify which tactics have the greatest impact on strategic shoppers and trips.
  • In the healthcare arena, Imap's National Health and Wellness Survey is the most authoritative source of insight into people's perceptions of their health and the way in which they seek to address their issues in over 10 markets around the world; while Mattson Jack's OMS, CancerMpact and CancerNsight are at the forefront of enabling clients to assist with strategic planning and assess new product potential in a critical area.
  • In the employee satisfaction area, our acquisition of Foresight has enabled us to offer clients an online solution with appropriate benchmarks and databases.
  • And in better understanding consumers and predicting trends, the acquisitions of TRU, who specialize in youth markets, and Yankelovich have considerably strengthened our offer.

4 In developing an end-to-end shopper offer, which combines the capabilities of many Kantar and non-Kantar companies, thus enabling clients to maximize conversion at the point of sale through understanding shopper missions and barriers and triggers to purchase.