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Our six objectives

4Fourth, we will continue to enhance the contribution of the parent company. WPP is not just a holding company focused on planning, budgeting, reporting and financial issues, but a parent company that can add value to our clients and our people. We will continue to do this through a limited group of 300 or so people at the centre in London, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. This does not mean that we seek to diminish the strength of our operating brands. Our objective is to maximise the added value for our clients with their businesses and our people with their careers.

Many of our initiatives are possible because of the scale on which we now operate. In the optimum use of property, in information technology and in procurement generally, we are able to achieve efficiencies that would be beyond the reach of any individual operating company.

But it is also clear that there is an increasing requirement for the centre to complement the operating companies in professional development and client co-ordination. It is a relatively recent development for certain multinational marketing companies, when looking to satisfy their global communications needs, to make their initial approach not to operating companies but directly to parent companies.

Such assignments present major, and increasingly frequent, opportunities for the few groups of our size. It is absolutely essential that we have the professional resources and the practice development capability to serve such clients comprehensively, actively and creatively. The recent high-profile, high technology pitch (that we won against all our competitors), to build a totally new agency for that client's needs, is the most extreme and exciting example of this. Similar initiatives involving some of the world's largest marketers will follow.

All our clients, whether global, multinational or local, continue to focus on the quality of our thinking, co-ordination of communications, and price. In response, we focus on talent, structure and incentives.

Training and development

Talent and its management therefore remain the lynchpin of our reason for existence: that is what our clients pay us for. Development of our people and the way we manage that talent is a critical determinant of performance; and on that critical dimension, we continue to make significant progress. In the creation of extremely attractive working environments, with highly competitive incentives, we increasingly differentiate ourselves from our competitors and improve the attraction of WPP companies as destinations for talent.

Our quarterly reviews with the operating companies have been restructured, consequently, to give more time and attention to talent and to clients. Our recruiting efforts throughout 2007 were especially fruitful as we successfully targeted and attracted top talent within and beyond our industry, often competing with investment banking, management consulting and private equity offers. The war for talent is fierce, and there is more to be done.

The blueprint for our executive development curriculum has been completed, and our new client leadership training program has been successfully introduced. The parent company and each of our operating companies installed its own approach to performance assessment and succession planning, aimed at developing the careers of their people, improving the quality of feedback, coaching and mentoring they receive and providing for orderly succession.

We continued to scrutinise and modify our compensation practices: both to offer competitive and justly-based rewards to our people and to attract outstanding talent from elsewhere.


A communications services company must be a model of excellent external and internal communications. To that end, we accelerate the understanding of the Group's vast resources with a raft of regular communications through our websites and in print: our online FactFiles profiling Group resources/companies/products; our monthly public online news bulletin, e.wire ; our award-winning global newspaper, The WIRE; our annual Atticus Journal of original marketing thinking; and our annual Corporate Responsibility Report. In 2007, we also developed a basic and simple explanation of our carbon neutrality program for all our people, which was enthusiastically received.

Property management

In property management, we continue to improve the return on our investment in real estate through the award-winning WPP Space Program, with planned investment in property databases and systems, innovative design and continuous review of key locations.

Better use of space has enabled us to hold the increase in square footage in our portfolio to less than 10% per annum over the last three years, while for the same period revenue increased by nearly 13%. As a result, square footage per head was down 10%, from 248 sq ft in 2004 to 222 sq ft in 2007, and the ratio of establishment cost to revenue was reduced from 7.6% in 2004 to 6.9% in 2007, equivalent to a saving of £43 million. We have achieved the medium-term objective of a 7% establishment cost-to-revenue ratio set in 2002, when the same ratio was 8.4%.

We have shed the surplus space taken on in recent acquisitions, and our future priority in managing the property portfolio of approximately 19 million sq ft worldwide is to ensure growth in additional square footage is less than the growth in revenues and headcount. Our new objective is to achieve greater space utilisation to more than offset the impact of the current surge in commercial property rentals, particularly in the faster growing markets of Asia and Eastern Europe, to enable us to maintain the establishment cost at the 7% level.


In procurement, we continue to set ourselves the goal of being the undisputed leader of procurement practice in the global advertising and marketing services industry. We aim to regularly benchmark ourselves against our competitors and our clients. Through intensified investment in procurement people, processes and technology, our goal is to maintain the ratio of bought-in costs to revenue at around 15%, by leveraging Group scale across our all of our major markets, and focusing on those spend categories most favourable for global, regional and local supply contracts, such as in IT, telecoms, travel, professional services, facilities and production.


In IT we continue to consolidate our core technology infrastructure with the objectives of reducing cost and improving quality. This enables our operating companies to concentrate their efforts on client-related developments and other internal business-focused applications. The convergence of mobile, voice and data communications has allowed us to take advantage of new offerings in the telecommunications sector to drive efficiencies and to provide enhanced support to our increasingly mobile workforce.

Practice development

Finally, in practice development we continue to develop horizontal initiatives in a focused set of high-potential areas across our vertical operating brands: in media, healthcare, new technologies, new faster-growing markets, internal communications, retail, entertainment and media, financial services, hi-tech and telecommunications and corporate responsibility. Specifically, we continue to invest in sharing insights and developing initiatives through The Channel (in media and research) and The Store (in distribution and retail).

In key geographic markets we are increasingly coordinating our activities through WPP Country Managers. We continue to believe that increasing co-ordination is required between our brands at the country and global levels, as the arguments for investment in regional management become weaker. As experience in Italy has demonstrated, however, the activities of Country Managers must be closely aligned and monitored. In addition, we are appointing an increasing number of WPP Global Client Leaders to co-ordinate our efforts on behalf of clients and to ensure they get maximum benefit from their relationships with WPP operating brands.

Furthermore, we continue to encourage internal strategic alliances and promote co-operation. Practice development initiatives have therefore been reinforced in such areas as healthcare, retail, internal communications and media and entertainment. This has been especially important to manage our portfolio of direct investments in new media, including 24/7 Real Media, under the re-branded WPP Digital, and where our investments are working with our agencies and people to bring new technology capabilities and understanding to our clients. All these initiatives are designed to ensure that we, the parent company, really do (as well as being perceived to) inspire, motivate, coach, encourage, support and incentivise our operating companies to achieve their strategic and operational goals.