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And finally...

We never allow ourselves to forget, and we hope our share owners never forget, that any success achieved by WPP is not the result of some majestic, top-down management process: a setting up of goals and procedures that are then obediently met and followed by an army of dutiful clones.

There cannot be a company in the world that contains a more varied, more intelligent, more talented (and more opinionated) group of people than those who work for WPP companies. Among our 110,000 people you will find writers and architects and artists and statisticians and scientists and sociologists and web designers and group leaders and event inventors and futurologists and brand planners and research analysts and software programmers and representatives of at least another 20 skills and disciplines. If 2007 was a best-ever year for WPP, and one which registered our best-ever new business record, it is down to the individual achievements of that remarkable and disparate family. Theirs are the talents that our clients come to us for.

So, on behalf of all our share owners, we'd like to end this letter with grateful recognition of the brains, professionalism and commitment of our people. 2007 was a formidable achievement; they are the people who made it happen; we thank them all.

For 2008 and beyond, whatever challenges that global conditions may spring on us, we have no doubt that the same group of people will continue to outperform the highly competitive market in which we operate.


Philip Lader

Sir Martin Sorrell
Group chief executive