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Supply chain

We recognise the potential impact of our purchasing decisions on the environment and also the need to consider the labour standards associated with manufacturing in certain product sectors.

Our CR supply chain vision for WPP states that:

'Across all of our spend, we want to do business with suppliers that meet high standards on the environment and employment practices. We are committed to managing corporate responsibility risks in our supply chain, both for ourselves and our clients.'

WPP's Global Procurement Policy contains ethical and environmental criteria which our Group procurement teams use in supplier selection and management. We ask potential suppliers to complete a simple five-point questionnaire to raise awareness about CR issues and to make our requirements clear. In 2007, all existing and new preferred suppliers in the US, the UK and Asia Pacific completed our CR questionnaire. In addition, our procurement teams in France and Spain started including the questionnaire in all new requests for proposals (RFPs) in 2006 and this was extended regionally during 2007.

We continued our project to assess and improve the ethical and environmental credentials of selected suppliers in the UK. To date we have run three workshops to explain our policy to suppliers and engage their support.