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The impact of our work

The social and environmental impact of our client work is one of the most important elements of CR for WPP. We want our companies to be known as centres of excellence for CR communication and to be capable of supporting clients by marketing products that offer environmental and social benefits.

In addition, WPP businesses work for governments producing campaigns to raise public awareness of issues such as climate change, the importance of health and wellbeing and the dangers associated with illegal drugs.

Corporate responsibility in our client work

New products, for example those that reduce society's impact on climate change, require vigorous marketing to be successful. Our companies can help their clients meet this challenge through compelling and accurate marketing that communicates their credentials and makes sustainable products more desirable. In our Corporate Responsibility Report we profile campaigns for clients which contain work with an environmental or social impact. This work is indicative of a trend emerging in many markets around the world.

Social marketing

WPP companies undertake work for clients (frequently government agencies) where the objective is to advance a social or environmental cause. These campaigns typically provide public health information, raise awareness of environmental issues or address public safety. Some examples of social marketing campaigns by WPP companies in 2007 are included in our Corporate Responsibility Report, available online at

Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing links brands to charities, usually through a donation for every product purchased. Executed sensitively, these campaigns benefit both the brand and the charity. Many WPP companies work on cause-related marketing. Examples from 2007 are included in our Corporate Responsibility Report, available online at