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Substantial share ownership

As at 24 April 2008, the Company is aware of the following interests of 3% or more in the issued ordinary share capital:

Massachusetts Financial Services Company 5.01%
Invesco plc 5.00%
Legal & General 4.44%
WPP ESOPs* 3.68%

* The trustees of the ESOPs are entirely independent. It is the Company's intention that the total number of shares held in the ESOPs at any one time is such as may be required to satisfy outstanding incentive plan share awards (but allowing for a contingency element, eg to deal with hirings in the course of a year). The number of shares held in the ESOPs as at 31 December 2007 was 43,889,384. The ordinary shares and ADRs held in the ESOPs did not receive the interim and final dividend paid in 2007 as they waived their respective rights.

The disclosed interests of all of the above refer to the respective combined holdings of those entities and to interests associated with them.

The Company has not been notified of any other holdings of ordinary share capital of 3% or more.