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Share owner relations

The relationship with share owners, potential share owners and investment analysts is given the highest priority by the Company.

The Company has a well-developed and continuous program to address the needs of share owners, investment institutions and analysts for a regular flow of information about the Company, its strategy, performance and competitive position. Given the wide geographic distribution of the Company's current and potential share owners, this program includes regular visits to investors, particularly by the Group chief executive, the Group finance director, the deputy Group finance director and the head of investor relations, in the UK, Continental Europe and the major financial centres in North America and also in Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Company provides an interim management statement at the end of the first and third quarters which includes a trading update, an interim report at half year and a trading update and presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

The Company ensures that it has a proper dialogue with share owners and their representative bodies through executive and non-executive directors in relation to remuneration and corporate governance matters as and when appropriate. The Chairman provides feedback to the Board on issues raised with him by share owners.

WPP's website,, provides current and historical financial information, including trading statements, news releases and presentations.