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Notes 16-20

19. Trade and other payables: amounts falling due after more than one year

The following are included in trade and other payables falling due after more than one year:

Payments due to vendors (earnout agreements) 261.7 147.6
Liabilities in respect of put option agreements with vendors 37.0 28.8
Other creditors and accruals 161.7 155.5
  460.4 331.9

The Group considers that the carrying amount of trade and other payables approximates their fair value.

The following table sets out the undiscounted payments due to vendors, comprising deferred consideration and the directors' best estimates of future earnout-related obligations:

Within one year 58.2 88.9
Between one and two years 63.2 36.5
Between two and three years 85.7 34.7
Between three and four years 65.2 49.1
Between four and five years 48.6 27.8
Over five years
  320.9 237.0
Effect of discount rates (1.9) (1.5)
  319.0 235.5