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American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

Each ADR represents five ordinary shares.

ADR holders receive the annual and interim reports issued by WPP Group plc.

WPP Group plc is subject to the informational requirements of the US securities laws applicable to foreign companies and files an annual report on Form 20-F and other information with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. These documents are available at the Commission's website, Our reports on Form 20-F are also available from our Investor Relations departments in London or New York.

ADR dividends

ADR holders are eligible for all stock dividends or other entitlements accruing on the underlying WPP Group plc shares and receive all cash dividends in US dollars. These are normally paid twice a year.

Dividend cheques are mailed directly to the ADR holder on the payment date if ADRs are registered with WPP's US depositary. Dividends on ADRs that are registered with brokers are sent to the brokers, who forward them to ADR holders. WPP's US depositary is Citibank N.A.

Dividends per ADR in respect of each financial year are set out below.

  2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
In £ sterling          
Interim 21.60p 18.00p 15.00p 12.50p 10.40p
Final (2007 proposed) 45.65p 38.05p 31.70p 26.40p 22.00p
Total 67.25p 56.05p 46.70p 38.90p 32.40p
In US dollars1          
Interim 43.24¢ 33.18¢ 27.28¢ 22.91¢ 17.01¢
Final (2007 proposed) 91.39¢ 70.13¢ 57.66¢ 48.38¢ 35.98¢
Total 134.63¢ 103.31¢ 84.94¢ 71.29¢ 52.99¢



1 These figures have been translated for convenience purposes only, using the approximate average rate for the year shown in the Consolidated income statement. This conversion should not be construed as a representation that the pound sterling amounts actually represent, or could be converted into, US dollars at the rates indicated.

Dollar amounts paid to ADR holders depend on the sterling/dollar exchange rate at the time of payment.

No withholding tax is imposed on dividends paid to ADR holders and there will be no entitlement to offset any part of the notional UK taxation credit against any US taxation liability. The dividend received will be subject to US taxation.

Following the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, certain dividends subject to US taxation may be taxed at a reduced rate of 15% if various conditions are met; share owners are advised to consult their professional advisors accordingly.