By VML, Sydney, Australia

For McDonald's Australia

Highly Commended in category Digital

Project Description
McDonald’s is Australia’s biggest employer of young people, giving thousands of kids each year their first real job. It's often a first step into the workforce for young people, meaning applicants generally have no prior work experience, and the concept of a traditional application is irrelevant given all they have to sell themselves on is their personality.
So to find the next generation of McDonald's crew members, we turned their favourite social channel into McDonald's biggest recruitment channel.
Agency Solution
We created Snaplications – the instant job application that changed the face of McDonald’s recruitment in under 10 seconds.
We turned Snapchat into McDonald’s biggest recruitment channel, and allowed teenagers to apply for a job in a snap, no resumes - just personality.
Using a Snapchat lens, people could transform themselves into one of the McDonald’s crew, and tell us why they’d be the perfect person to join the team in 10 seconds or less.
To support the lens we created ads across Snapchat, McDonald’s restaurants and major universities, schools and public transport locations that could instantly trigger a snaplication.
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