Max Motor Dreams

By Ogilvy Madrid / GTB Spain, Madrid, Spain

For Ford Spain

Winner in category Digital

Project Description
A baby´s cradle that simulates the car movements.
Once Ford is no longer a consumer consideration for a family car in Spain, we needed to find another approach. So instead of talking about the car, we created a special accessory that connects innovation and brand storytelling, Max Motor Dreams. We launched the product online, reaching our target through social networks but also through PR, being covered by design and fashion magazines such as AD and Vogue. This way consumers would consider Ford as part of the conversation and therefore an option when talking about families and babies.
Agency Solution
We created Max Motor Dreams, a baby’s cradle which accurately simulates the sensation of riding in a car.
All controlled via a simple app for Smartphones that tracks baby’s favourite outings as you drive, like constant movement similar to a car ride, the sound and gentle vibration of the engine and ambient lighting to simulate travelling. And then play them back accurately when you put baby to bed. Exactly the same sensation as riding in a Ford, without leaving home.
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