Coca-Cola Friendly Bars

By Grey, Chile

For Coca-Cola

Winner in category Design & Branding

In subcategory Retail - Permanent

Project Description
Life isnĀ“t always easy in the neighbourhoods of Lima, crime rate is the highest in the country. Shops have put up protective bars reminding people of the insecurity and fuelling even more crime. These bars limit the buyer's experience, creating a feeling of isolation and fear.
Brief: How can we reverse this situation in the neighbourhoods and change the shopping experience?
Agency Solution
Goals: New bars with more optimistic designs transform the rough bars into a new communication channel for the brand that delivers a more positive feeling for all the community and better shopper experience.
Describe the creative idea: Coca-Cola created new bars for the local stores in Lima. Friendly Bars replaced these harsh bars with something that would make people feel better. New optimistic bars were designed, and what was once a barrier, is now an invitation, to update the neighbourhood, to come by, to share and enjoy.
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