Respondent Engagement

by Kantar Health

The trick is to ask questions that people like answering.

Recently, the research industry has seen people become less willing to engage in surveys, or give full, thoughtful answers. In healthcare research, where findings drive life-changing decisions, it’s a worry.

Kantar Health has their own award-winning creative team to bring creative impact to the presentation of research results. What better way to improve the experience of respondents than bring the same creativity to collecting data?

This strategy soon led to a research team dedicated to improving respondent engagement. The aim was to create survey tools that engage, challenge, and leave the respondent wanting more.

To re-awaken HCPs’ appetite for research, Kantar Health focused on 4 key areas: irresistible invitation letters, creative open-ended questions, shorter surveys, and iconography that makes answering quick, satisfying and fun. 

Kantar’s respondents clearly appreciate the changes. More than 80% of those completing their creative and visually appealing online surveys say they are ‘enjoyable’ or ‘very enjoyable’, and key satisfaction metrics are up almost 10% (this against an industry background of disgruntled respondents).  

To quote one respondent, Kantar regularly delivers “the best survey I participated in ever!!”
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